AK-12 Review

News: The AK-12 Is Revealed!

Just in from our Russian Desk: The AK-12 Prototype AK-74 replacement has been revealed. Let's take a look, shall we?

Figure 1:The AK-12 has a adjustable length side-folding stock, smaller ejection port, a respectable distance between it's front and back sight and it is it literally COVERED in picatinny rail. No more sardine can top cover either. This top cover is a LOT more solid and has a hinge!

Figure 2:The AK-12 has a thumb operable AR-style fire selector switch which sports 3 round bursts, full auto and single shot mode.

Figure 3: AK-12: My, Grandmother your picatinny rail is so big....

Figure 4: AK-12 Available in AK-74, .223, AK-47 AND 7.62x51Calibers! The rifling in the gun is allegedly improved as is the new muzzle break. Did we mention the 60 round Quad Stack Magazines?!.

Figure 5: AK-12 vs AK-101.

Figure 7: Did we see a tear running down old Mikhail Kalashnikov's cheek?:-) That guy is as tough and durable as his invention!