The Answer to the Age Old Question - Can you Shoot an AK Underwater?

Today we answer an age-old question. (Oh wait, not that question because we don't know what women want either!) This question however is almost as important. Namely: "Can you shoot an AK underwater?"

Everything you ever wanted to know about shooting AK's Underwater

We could of course let this video speak for itself. But what would be the fun in that? If you are in a hurry, just scroll down to the video's.

So can you fire the AK while fully submerged?
First thing I learned was that, yes you can indeed fire an AK while fully submersed in water! Barrel full with water and everything. The round is powerful enough to displace the water from the barrel and the water is apparently quick enough about leaving the barrel. So nothing blows up.

How far do AK bullets travel underwater?
The second thing that I liked about this video is that it answers another pressing question: "If someone is shooting at you and you dive into the water, how deep do you have to dive to keep from getting shot?" Because I don't know about you guys but I worry about these things! And while you might think you'll have time to research this while you're on the life raft and the Japanese plane is diving down to strafe you with their machine guns think again. It's an often overlooked fact that life rafts in the Pacific have notoriously bad cellular data coverage. Especially if you are with AT&T. But I digress.

So, can you shoot sharks or not?! Well, to my surprise the AK 7.62X39 bullet only travels about 5 to six feet underwater! And it starts tumbling right after it gets out of the submerged barrel! This means that diving in the water could be a pretty good way to prevent from getting shot. Unless you plan to come up for air of course.

How loud is an AK when fired underwater?
This was the last thing I was hoping to learn from the video. Unfortunately it's not covered explicitly in the video but I would expect obviously that it would be very silent if your head is NOT submerged.
What I'd be interested in and which is not discussed in the video is; if it is harder on the ears if your head is underwater. I would have expected it would be, but since it is not mentioned it might not be such a strong effect. Do notice that he is wearing yellow ear plugs throughout the underwater part of the experiments.

Video 1: AK being fired underwater in super slow motion. Very cool bubble effects!

AK water torture test
This last video is kind of like a bonus. It deals with another hard Hollywood fueled question: Can you pop up from under the water Rambo-Style with your Romanian WASR-10 and start laying waste to your enemies (preferably while screaming at the top of your lungs for effect)? More practical stuff you need to know! I'll spoil this one for you too and let you know that it looks pretty darn cool!

This video also shows what happens if you pour hands of sand into the still wet AK: It gums up the rails as you would expect but it also shows how easily that is worked through to keep you shooting. And a quick rinse would fix the short term issue altogether. Enjoy:

Video 2: AK water torture test

Shooting sharks?
You are still worrying about how to shoot those sharks right? This specially designed underwater AK (APS Underwater Assault Rifle) will take care of that:)

Video 3: APS Underwater AK demonstration. In Russian; no subtitles (needed)!