How to install a Sling on an AK

We have been getting a lot of questions about how to install a Chinese sling on the AK-47 or AK-74. Chinese military AK slings have many benefits. For example they are cheap, have that original Ho Chi Minh look and, did we mention they were cheap? Installing these AK slings is easy. If you are ready to install your AK sling you are in luck because, this ridiculously detailed DIY tutorial will hook you up!

AK Sling Assembly

Now before you say; "Wait a minute guys, that AK is not a WASR-10! It has dimples, the gas tube is 90 degrees and it has a weird thing screwed to its business end", let us explain. Since the project WASR-10 was Tac'ed out with Ninja furniture, this old AK-74 just had to do for this tutorial. The sling swivel might be in a different place on the AK-47 buttstock, but the sling installation stays the same. Now lets get started with the tutorial already!

Before you do anything: Remove the magazine, open the action and make sure the gun is unloaded. Do this especially if you are sure it is unloaded. Don't be that guy.
AK-47 Sling Assembly
Figure 1: This is what your sling looks like after you fished it from its cheap plastic bag and removed the elastic band.

First, pull the clasp of the sling back through both sides of the buckle to undo the sling. Also pull it back from under the "keeper" AKA the leather band on the sling.
AK-47 Sling Assembly
Figure 2: Move the clasp through the buckle. Yes it fits....

AK-47 Sling Assembly
Figure 3:After you have disassembled your AK sling it should look like this.

Now move the buckle through the sling swivel on the buttstock of the rifle.
AK-47 Sling Assembly
Figure 4: Guide the clasp through the AK's swivel (YES IT FITS!).

Now guide it through the "keeper".
AK-47 Sling Assembly
Figure 5: Admire the quality of your keeper as you move the clasp through it.

Move the clasp forward along the other end of the sling without twisting it. Then move it through the first half of the buckle.
AK-47 Sling Assembly
Figure 6: Clasp through the buckle. It did not get any smaller since a minute ago so it should still fit.

Move the clasp through the other side of the buckle. Seriously! Do I have to spell everything out for you guys?!
AK-47 Sling Assembly
Figure 7: Back through the other side of the buckle.

Finally, snap the clasp onto the eye on the handguard retainer. User a pair of needle nose pliers if you have to.
AK-47 Sling Assembly
Figure 8: Snap!

If you are worried about the clasp being noisy during all your tactical night missions, or worried about it scraping your handguard retainer, you have a point. I guess you could get creative with electrical tape, or replace the clasp with a leather strap. Or, optionally, you could stop being a pussy. Just a thought...

AK-47 Sling Assembly
Figure 9: You are now ready to hit the Ho Chi Minh Trail


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