What is the best ammo for the WASR-10?

Just like anything this is a matter of preference. Here are my considerations when buying ammo to use at the range:

1 - How accurate (consistent) is it?
2 - How clean (or dirty) does it shoot?
3 - How expensive is it?

Here is my reasoning:

1 - Even with the best ammo the WASR-10, is not not a precision instrument. Nor am I much of a marksman. Since I use the WASR only for plinking (and not to defend myself, my home or the constitution :-) ) my failure tolerance is reasonably high. As long as it goes boom when I press the trigger and, more importantly, the gun does not blow up in my face, it pretty much meets my quality standards. I have not tried it but i think I'd even consider corrosive ammo***. The WASR barrel is chrome lined and the rest is kept pretty wet, so I don't think i am too worried about it.

2 - Dirty? AK's LOVE getting dirty. It adds character:-). Besides it does not affect operation and they are very easy to clean anyway.

3 - The WASR-10 is a cheap gun. And even if I was not on a limited budget, I just don't feel like feeding it expensive ammo. I have more fun knowing that I am not spending 50 cents per trigger pull.

*** Here is a weird factoid: Corrosive ammo primers contain potassium chloride (salt) which is added to promote durability. In order to clear it properly experts recommend using a water based solvent, like Windex with ammonia... This article recommends a more conventional approach (Hoppe's #9).

So what do I shoot?
Currently I am shooting the basic Wolf "Made in Russia" ammo. Steel cases, dirty, cheap. During the +- 1000 Wolf rounds I've shot, I might remember one round not going off. But I am not sure. I also used Russian TulAmmo which I think is comparable to Wolf. A Russian ex-military guy I was talking to at a gun range recently, recommended "Golden Tiger" (Figure 3) which is in that same basic price category, but higher quality (military spec?).

After I'm done with the few thousand rounds of Wolf that are still in my safe, I want to try one of those old school army surplus spam cans from the sixties. Does anyone have any experience with those?

7.62X39 Ammo
Figure 1: Standard AK Diet: Cheap Wolf Ammo

Figure 2: Extreme Example of a 550 Round
Figure 2: This is an extreme example of a 550 round "Spam Can"

7.62X39 Ammo
Figure 3: Golden Tiger

7.62X39 Ammo
Figure 4: Russian TulAmmo, Comparable to Wolf