AK Battle Fin

Just like everyone we know we LOVE to comply with crazy, nonsensical California gun laws! Which we all know are laws that seem to be intended to confuse essentially honest people into giving up their second amendment rights. That must be why the AK BattleFin sample that our friends at AKHAMMER had generously send us to review rode a desk for so long.

AK BattleFIN Review

So on that desk the AK BattleFIN sat, waiting... Looking at us increasingly accusingly from its clear packaging with its distinct black and yellow design.

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WASR-10 Trigger Group assembly
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Mouse Gunners WASR-10 Review

Money can't buy you happiness? Gimme a break! Whoever said that didn't know the SLIDE-FIRE AK-47 Rifle Stock, Right Hand (SSAK-47-XRS-RH)
version is finally here!
Now there is a product we would love to review! The Slide Fire Solutions "SS AK-47 XRS" is the best US legal AK rapid fire system that we have seen to date. And, yes it's 100% BATFE approved!".

SlideFire AK-47 Stock

Let's start with a disclaimer: We have not shot, nor even seen this "device". But, from what we understand about the concept and from what we have seen on the videos, we think this is the greatest thing since the Second Amendment.

The idea is "why did we not think of that" simple; allow the gun to move independently from the stock and pistol grip, and provide an anchor point for the trigger finger. Pulling the gun forward and leaving the trigger finger in place will pull the trigger up against the gun. The gun kicks back into its "slide", but because the operator keeps pulling it forward, it's pulled up against the trigger finger again and again, resulting (with some practice) in a relatively predictable bump fire, which basically makes the gun behave as a fully automatic weapon.
Final Hyskore Dangerous Game setup after modifications
Figure 1: Slide Fire AK-47 XRS mechanism

Unassisted bumpfire is nothing new of course, but it's pretty hard to do that in a controlled and predictable manner - especially from the shoulder. The Slide Fire Solutions SS AK-47 XRS does not have have a spring mechanism, which makes it technically "just another stock". Therefore it is approved by the "Bureau for Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms & Explosives" (BATFE).

See for yourself!

Figure 2: Great Action Video, explosions and all!

Figure 3: See the Slide Fire Solutions SS AK-47 XRS
in Action and see how it works.

Figure 4: AR-15 Slide Fire Version Video. Warning: Contains Hardcore Grandma Action!

Yeah, we're pretty sure we need to go and review one of these... :-)

For More Info:

Slide Fire Solutions SS AK-47 XRS

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