The BIG WASR-10 Ammo Accuracy Test

We don't know about you, but we are sick and tired of the WASR bashing that keeps flaring up in the forums. We'll readily admit that the finish of the WASR-10 is nowhere near that of a Saiga 7.62X39, or that on WASR's sold before 2008 gas block cant and front sight cant occurred more than they should. We'll even plead guilty to a minor charge of mag wobble.

We are however not ready to admit to the allegation that the WASR-10 is an "inaccurate AK". In order to get some cold hard data we decided to gear up and conduct the biggest WASR-10 ammo & accuracy test ever conducted. All will be revealed...

Test basics

Most reports on WASR-10 accuracy we could find were conduced by a marksman shooting from a supported position. This method does not eliminate "human motion contamination" entirely. In order to really test the ability of the rifle, instead of testing the shooter we needed something better. After some Google research we decided to "rig up" with the Hyskore Dangerous Game Machine Rest. The next problem we needed to solve was how we could consistently aim at the same spot after each shot. We decided on a POSP 6X26 Scope. This scope will allow us to consistently aim at the same spot.


We will try to do our test with a wide range of different 7.62X39 ammo. Wolf, Bear, Tiger, Surplus, etc. We'll publish a list of the ammo we'll use as we get closer to our test date.

Trying different types of ammo with also show what is the best "Common Sense" ammo to buy for the WASR-10. We are expecting that there is a point where the quality of the ammo simply passes the quality of the rifle preventing the shooter from gaining anything by buying more expensive ammo.

Is there a particular type of ammo that you would like to see tested? Please let us know and we'll try and include it in our test.

We'll update the Ammo list as our orders come in. Ammo is listed in no particular order (what was in the front of the safe first :-)

Help wanted

Do you have some surplus / spam-can ammo that you are willing to sell / trade a small quantity of? If so please let us know!

Photo Updates

WASR-10 in Hyskore Machine Rest
Update 1: The Machine Rest has arrived this will maintain consistency between shots. We will need to modify it to fit the small length WASR-10.

Rebuild Tapco 5 Round Magazine
Update 2: We had to create our own Tapco Subcompact mag to fit the WASR-10 while in the machine rest.

POSP Scope on WASR-10
Update 3: The POSP Scope arrived. This will help us zero in on target after each shot. But first we need to learn Russian since the instructions only come in Russian...

Update January

After initial field trials it turned out that the machine rest needed some
serious tweaking
to get the repeatably we want for our test. We also build a custom deck to anchor the rig to. This deck is then clamped down to the bench...

The initial field trials were successful. Below a picture of the rig & gun in their final setting.
Final Hyskore Dangerous Game setup after modifications
Update 3: Modified Hyskore Dangerous Game During Field Trials!

We also did a full review on the Hyskore Dangerous Game Machine rest, detailing the modifications we made.

Time to order some ammo!