How To Shoot Your WASR-10 "Full Auto Style"

The WASR-10 is a Semi Automatic AKM. Pull the trigger once, one shot goes off. The WASR does not have full auto capabilities. Converting your WASR-10 to full auto sounds cool but it would not make sense economically. Nor would it be legal. In fact it would be very, very illegal. So how do you get to lay down punishing sheets of cover fire without running the risk of having to pick up Bubba’s soap? Or Course! Bump fire!

Where to Bump Fire the WASR-10

Before starting this exercise, give some consideration to where you are going to bump fire your AK. Most ranges have strict rules against rapid fire, so you’d have to find a safe and legal place on private property or public land to do this. Bump firing is very inaccurate so make sure you're pointed in a safe direction. Since bump firing is not very controlled or accurate you need to take some precautions. Remember, if you accidentally fire it up under a 30 degree angle without a back stop your 7.62 round can ruin some unlucky person’s day up to 3000 yards downrange… And, as always, make sure you wear both eye and ear protection whenever shooting any firearm. Also make sure you are physically strong enough to control the rifle while doing this. If you have little or no AK-47 shooting experience don’t do this trick at all until you have more time on the gun.

How to Bump Fire the WASR-10

Now that you found a safe place to play; lets get started: On your first try you probably should not load your magazine up all the way. Try it with 3 or 4 rounds in the magazine first so you can get the hang of it.

Bump firing can be done both from the shoulder and from the hip. The latter is the easiest so you want to try that first. Shooting from the hip feels pretty awesome anyway. Grab your rifle by the front hand guard with your “weak hand”. If you have a sling, put it over your shoulder for extra control. Hold your shooting hand next to the pistol grip without actually gripping it. Now stick out your trigger finger into the trigger guard. Don’t try to pull the trigger, but hold your arm, hand and finger very ridged and still. To fire, pull the gun forward using your weak hand and keep pulling the rifle forward against your rigid trigger finger. Don’t move your trigger finger. The gun will go off, kick back, be pulled forward by your weak hand, bump into your trigger finger again, kick back and so on and so forth. Try to aim/control the muzzle with your weak hand.

It is hard to keep your finger rigid. For that reason, some people like to use their thumb to pull the trigger. If you want to try this method, make a fist with your shooting hand. With your knuckles pointed forward put your extended thumb into the trigger guard and hold it still. Some people even loosely hook their thumb though the belt loop on their pants for extra stability. Then repeat the above instructions. after you get better at this try to hold your fingers loosely on the pistol grip while you do it. Whatever works best...

Increase the number of rounds in your mag as you get better at it. What you are trying to achieve is the ability to dump a whole mag in one smooth, controlled burst. If your have this trick down pat you can achieve a rate of fire that is close the full auto!

After you get good at it from the hip, you can try and do it from the shoulder. Make sure you control your gun, to prevent bruising your face or worse.

Slide Fire

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WASR-10 Bump Fire Video’s

You don’t believe it works? Or you just want to watch other people do it? Here are some video’s of people bump firing their WASR-10’s. Extra credit for anyone who can count how many basic gun safety violations there are in these video's...:-)