Adjusting Windage & Elevation on the WASR (or any AK style Rifle) using the C-Clamp

AK Sight Adjustment Tool

How Do I Adjust the Front Sight?

You bought an AK or SKS. If it shoots straight out of the box, buy a lottery ticket RIGHT NOW! This is YOUR LUCKY DAY! If not, you have some work to do. Below a few words on the tools for the job.

Some people advocate getting right to work using a vice, hammer, wrench or a pointed rock to adjust the front sight. These are the same people that tell you to piss down the barrel of your Mosin Nagant for no apparent reason.

We at recommend you put down the hammer, relax, postpone your revolution for a few days and order "THE Tool" for your sight adjustments. For the price of a box of ammo you'll get this modern marvel of multi-functional technology delivered to your home within a few days.

This tool will allow you to adjust the windage on your WASR-10 (any AK or SKS really) by pushing the windage drum which is pressed into the front sight from left to right. One side of the T handle torque arm seats onto the sight post so you can screw it up or down to adjust the elevation.

That's how simple it is. The model shown in the picture below is the basic "C-Clamp". We've had luck with it. Some people have reported that their sight was so stuck that they broke the C-Clamp. If you expect you might have issues like that you can consider buying a more robust (read "more expensive") "unbreakable" O-Clamp model that wraps around the sight on both sides while you apply torque.

Or you can just use a pointed rock of course...

THE Tool
Figure 1: This is the generic C-Clamp model in action.

Figure 2: Don't take our word for it, watch the video...