Canted Front Sight

Canted Front Sight? Alert the Media!!
The second most heard complaint about the WASR-10 (the #1 complaint is "Magazine Wobble" issues) is that they often have a canted front sight. Despite the fact that some of the more vicious rumors about canted front sights can be traced back to a group of disgruntled AR-15 owners who suffer from untreated AK-envy disorder, there is some truth to the "Canted Front Sight" stories.

My WASR Front Sight Is Canted; Am I Normal?
Normal? You live in a prosperous, safe, first world country and yet you own an AK-47. We'd better skip that question:-). Back to your front sight being canted a bit; this is not unusual on an AK. And WASR-10's in particular have a bad reputation when it comes to "Canted Front Sights".

Here is our theory:

Every year the Romanian government had a grand plan which specified how many rifles were needed to defend the motherland. This plan got handed down to the laborers who had to make the rifle. The workers who did not have much of an incentive to do a great job would get to work and churn out the needed amount of rifles before returning home in time for their potato soup. The rifles would get shipped to a dusty warehouse where they would sit and collect dust until they were needed. When they were needed they would be shipped to an armory where they were test fired and sighted in. Guess which step your (unused) AK has skipped? Instead of being called up for active service it got sold to Century Arms to have its magazine well drilled out by allegedly drunk monkeys. In any case it never got sighted in by the armory.

So all things considered, it's probably "normal" that the front sight is canted a bit.

Very Funny, So What do I Do Now?
The answer to this question depends on how badly its canted. Can you get the gun sighted in properly by adjusting the drum on which front sight post sits using the tool? If the answer is yes, we would leave it at that. After all, your rifle has been through a lot already; first not getting a chance to defend the motherland against imperialist invaders, then being violated in a dark room by drunk capitalist monkeys with blunt Dremels. Anyway, you get the picture.

However if your front sight is too canted to be adjusted by sliding the sight post, OR you are a purist who insists the sight post should be dead center in between the ears there are other avenues you can explore.

Most of these avenues require brute force and an adventurous spirit. A vice grip, a towel to wrap around the front sight tower to prevent scratches and a lighter to heat up the sight tower might also help. What it comes down to is: be bold. Its an AK. It can take some abuse. Here's a short tutorial on how to adjust the sight. This is no beginner stuff. If you are not too handy, have someone help you.

Oh, how do you know you are doing it right? The best tip we heard was to tie a piece of dental floss to the front sight post and pull it back between the rear sight!


DIY Tips