How (not) to Fire your AK Without Pulling the Trigger.

If you think its a good idea to load and chamber your AK, aim it at something you don't want to kill/destroy and pull the safety up way past its upper SAFE position you should probably read this article. Heck, if you don't think that's a good idea you should probably read this article too:).

How (not) to Fire your Century Arms AK-47 Without Pulling the Trigger.

Try this: Unload your AK-47 with original safety lever (the one that was originally intended for a full auto AK), make sure there is is no round in the chamber. Aim it somewhere safe just in case.

Now take the top cover of. Now move the safety lever up... and up... and up... *SNAP*. You just released the hammer and if the AK would have been loaded it would have fired.

Video 1: This video shows you exactly what the issue is

The above video very clearly explains the issue, and how you can easily and cheaply prevent this from ever happening to you. The below article and video shows how you can also go the other route and try to shake some money out of Century Arms.

What does think about this? First off, we are glad we know about this, so we can make sure *NOT TO DO THAT*:). Secondly, with more and more entry-gun-owners buying a (cheap) AK, it would make sense for Century Arms to idiot Proof their AK a little bit more. They could do this by dremeling out the full auto safety lever, or installing a semi-auto safety selector lever. We say Century Arms, why don't you throw in a Bold Hold Back notch while you are at it:)....

For all of you already owning a Century AK: consider yourself warned and always stick with the standard NRA rules of safe gun handling. If you still worry about this issue whip our your Dremel or even better, but a slick semi auto safety selector yourself!

Video 2: Some see a problem, others see an opportunity to make some money!