AK Buttstock Cleaning Kit

Ever wonder what that funny hole in the back of your AK's buttstock was for? Hint: It's not a Russian version of a Chinese finger trap. And if you ever stuck you finger in there you probably figured out that it was not intended to help lonely soldiers comfort themselves either.

AK Cleaning Kit Compartment Design

Since the AK does not have a long recoil spring tube sticking out of the back of it, the ever practical Russians figured they could use some of the space to create a cleaning kit compartment.

This compartment is as simple as it is clever. It's basically a tube that has a spring at the end and a trapdoor at the mouth. Insert the cylindrical cleaning kit tube and the spring inside will push the kit up against the trap door, keeping that shut, and preventing the kit from rattling.

Whenever the compartment is unoccupied, a small spring attached to the trapdoor (see figure 1) will keep it closed to prevent dirt and debris from getting into the compartment. If your trap door wont close, this article tells you how to fit that.
AK-47 Cleaning Kit
Figure 1: This is how the trapdoor stays closed when the compartment is empty.

Using the AK Cleaning Kit Compartment

BEFORE working on your rifle: Remove the magazine, rack the bolt back and visually inspect the chamber to make SURE it’s empty. Always follow this step with any gun you clean, even if you KNOW it’s empty.

To insert the kit into the compartment, just slide it in with the pad of your finger up (gun is in its normal orientation, with the sights up). You'll feel some pressure from the spring inside. Once you are part the door angle your finger 90 degrees to the side and pull it out. If you don't angle your finger it will get "stuck" in there :). To retrieve the kit, just stick your finger in under a 90 degree angle and push the trap door aside. The spring inside will pop the kit right out. Simple but ingenious.
AK-47 Cleaning Kit
Figure 2: If you move your finger under a 90 degree angle it wont get stuck.

The cleaning kit

The kit contains:
- Cleaning Kit Tube (doubles as handle for screw driver / elevation tool)
- Brush attachment for the cleaning rod.
- Cotton swab holder attachment for the cleaning rod (doubles as punch).
- One punch (to remove the pins that hold your AK together).
- One Screwdriver / sight elevation adjustment tool.

Note: AK-47 and AK-74 kits are NOT interchangeable because the cleaning rod on the 74 has a different diameter / thread.
Note 2: WASR-10 and other non-Arsenal AK owners, do NOT Buy the "Arsenal, Inc. Buttstock Cleaning Kit AK-47 7.62x39mm Russian" from Midway! the pieces will not fit your AK-47 cleaning rod. For some reason they only fit the AK-74 cleaning rod!

Also, the cleaning kit for the Arsenal AK-47 (like the one we accidentally bought for this review) has an AK-74 thread, so its useless for the WASR-10 or any other regular AK-47 cleaning rod. Now you know.

AK-47 Cleaning Kit
Figure 3: AK cleaning kit

AK-47 Cleaning Kit
Figure 4: Notice the slot in the tube that allows you to use it as a handle for the screwdriver.


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Some More info on how to Use the Toolkit

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