WASR DIY Tutorials

One of the things we love about the AK platform is that working on them is so easy. There are a lot of fixes, adjustments and upgrades you can easily do yourself. The fact that the WASR-10 is not the most expensive gun out there makes it extra appealing to get in there and do stuff. This section of the site contains links to tutorials for all sorts of WASR DIY projects. Read through them and choose which you are comfortable doing. As always; you are responsible for your own actions; BE SAFE, STAY LEGAL.

Nc Star Sights N'Lights AK Combo Review

WASR-10 Trigger Group Tutorial

AK Underfolder Disassembly

AK Sling Assembly

AK-47 Magazine Catch Latch Fix

Installing the Tapco INTRAFUSE T6 Collapsible AK-47 Stock

Installing the Quad Rail Tapco INTRAFUSE AK-47 Handguard

How to Install the Dublin AK Systems Ratchet Charging System (RCS)

How to Remove the WASR-10 Butstock

Removing the Hand Guard

Tutorial: Making a Sub Compact AK magazine

Cleaning the WASR-10

BHO Follower Swap

Frontlinearmory.com custom WASR

Single 2 Double Stack Conversion

Hammer & trigger pin retainer plate installation

WASR-10 Buttstock Trap Door Fix