The Furniture

At the range I have seen some people that had stained and varnished their WASR-10 furniture. This actually makes it look pretty decent. So if you have some stain left over from the last time you stained the fence and some varnish from another project you can definitely do that.

Grandmothers Furniture Treatment Advise

As for us; when it comes to AK's we are fundamentalists... Varnishing the multiplex does not appeal to our sense of 'real'/original. So our initial plan was not to do anything to the wood and let it age naturally. However, we quickly found that the combination of sweaty hands, dirty ammo and a well oiled gun translates into dirty prints and smears - which are a little too 'real' even for us :-).

This is the solution we came up with:
"Johnson's Paste Wax". You can find it in the cleaning isle of your local hardware store where you will find it in the convenient "Militia Value Pack Size", which will never run out and can be handed down from father to son.

Anyway, we found it prevents dirt and grime from getting into the wood and brings out that beautiful dark "New Plywood" shine we craved.. And it smells nice to boot. A nice, cheap, clean, shiny and good smelling AK, what more could you want? :-)
Johnsons Paste Wax
This is it! The "Militia Value Pack Size" Johnson Paste Wax!