GP WASR-10/63

GP WASR-10/63 (Pistol Mitralieră 63)
The 2007 GP WASR-10/63 has an updated front trunnion with added contact support for the bolt carrier.
A WASR-10/63 with an under-folding stock was introduced into the product line in 2007.

As of 2008, there are GP WASR-10/63 rifles which are being made from demilled military rifles. Look for a triangle with arrow (some only have a triangle) on the front trunnion. Quality is much better with these.

Figure 1: How do you recognize a 10/63? The Triangle with (or without) the Arrow on the Front Trunnion Gives it Away. It also helps that Century Arms has engraved it "GP WASR-10/63...:-)...

Figure 2: GP WASR-10/63

Nice WASR-10 Side Folder
Figure 3: This is the GP WASR-10 "folder" that Century Arms sells.