GP WASR-10/63 Limited Edition

In July 2011 Century Arms announced their 50th anniversary commemorative WASR-10. Only 50 of these AK's are manufactured

The Limited Edition is identical to the GP WASR-10/63 but has Centrury's 50th anniversary logo engraved into the receiver in 24kt gold plating. Next to the logo the words “Limited Edition One of Fifty” are engraved. Two Versions were made:

RI1188VL-N - Standard Edition
Like most 10/63's this version has a compensator, bayonet lug, bayonet, side mounted scope rail and two 30 rd. double stack mags. therefore these were not sold to customers in NJ, MA, CA, CT or HI.

RI1188VL-N - "Civilianized" Version
This version is identical to the above type but does not include compensator, bayonet lug or bayonet.

Gold Plated WASR-10 Limited Edition Original Ad
Figure 1:Original Anniversary WASR Ad

Limited Edition WASR-10 Detail
Figure 2:Detail of 24kt Gold Plating