How To Tune your Mag Catch Latch

This short article describes a quick and simple solution for a common WASR-10 AKM problem: The tight Magazine Catch Latch. If you have problems smoothly seating or removing your magazines you want to continue reading.

The Problem

If you have a hard time getting your magazine to seat (click in) or if you have to apply a lot of force on the magazine latch in order to drop the magazine, you might have an overly tight magazine catch latch. To find out of this is your problem try and seat a magazine while you hold the latch all the way back and out of the way. If the magazine easily seats all the way into the magazine well, but the magazine latch does not easily move forward when you release it, you can be pretty sure that your latch is a little on the tight side. In some cases (mostly with plastic magazines) you mightl not be able to seat the magazine at all.

The Solution

If you only experience this issue with your plastic magazines you might want to file the notch on the magazines themselves down a little. You should be able to do this without affecting durability or operation.

If all your magazines seat very stiffly and a firm push on the latch does not easily drop the magazine, you might want to adjust your magazine latch. Doing this is very quick and simple and definitively worth your time.

Find a small file set and use it to simply file down the latch as shown below.
WASR-10 Mag Latch Fix
Figure 1: Use a small file to trim the magazine catch latch down to size.
Work incrementally (file, try to seat magazine, file some more) to prevent removing too much material. The latch is made out of low quality steel so this should only take a few minutes. When you are done, you want just enough play for the magazine to come out smoothly, but not enough to allow annoying front/back movement.

Alternate Approach

There is another, more robust way to make magazines fit better in an AK. Use a flat file to take some of the material off the back of the magazine well itself. It is hart to imagine how this helps the mag get in better, but since it allows the magazine to tilt back more, it allows it to seat easier.
Use a file to widen