Installing the Krebs Custom Fire Selector Lever

This short tutorial describes the installation of the Krebs Custom "Enhanced AK Selector Lever Mk VI". The Krebs selector lever has an extended ledge to make it easier to operate. It's main advantage however is the "bolt hold open" cutout that allows the user to lock the bolt in the open position. You'll find our "Krebs enhanced selector review" here.


Remove the magazine, rack the bolt back and make sure the chamber is empty. Press the button on the back of the receiver cover to remove it. Press the "button" again to unseat it from its slot and pull the return sprint out of the bolt carrier. Pull the bolt carrier back over the cocked hammer and up and out through the slot at the back of its rails. Pit it away; there is no need to remove the rotating bolt from the carrier.

Set the safety to the downwards "fire" position. Then press down the trigger while controlling the hammer with your thumb. Ease the hammer back to its "uncocked" position.

Removing your safety will also temporary remove your hammer / trigger pin retaining wire pin. If you are worried about your hammer or trigger pin coming out you can put a piece of masking tape over the pins on the left side of the gun. This will keep the pins in place which is helpful when putting the retaining wire pin back in.

To remove the safety move it up to a 90 degree angle which will allow you to slide it out through its slot. This dislodges the retaining wire pin or "Sheperd's Crook"which was hooked onto the safety. Pick this bend paperclip looking thing out right away and put it in a save place; its an essential part and you don't want to loose it.

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