NcSTAR Sights N'Lights AK Combo

For quite a while now, NcSTAR has been selling a broad assortment of tactical AK products that stand out mainly because of their low price. Who would have thought we'd see a Red Dot Sight under $50? Undoubtedly the low price is part of the reason why several WASR-10.COM members have been interested in the "NcSTAR Sights N'Lights AK Combo". So when "Yazfla" (one of our site members) offered to share his experience with the NcSTAR Scope/Light combo, we were more than happy to turn it into the WASR-10.COM member review you'll find below!

What is a NcSTAR Sights N'Lights AK Combo?

The NcSTAR Sights N'Lights AK Combo is a replacement AK top cover that has a picatinny rail attached on top. Mounted on this rail are a fixed 4X power sc430b scope and a bright flashlight, which optionally can be operated with a touch activated switch which can be glued to the pistol grip. The scope combo can be removed, which makes the rail available for other sights, like the red dot shown in this review. The rail is split into two parts making it possible for the shooter to co-witness using the iron sights.

NcSTAR Sights n Lights AK Combo

Figure 1: Meet the NcSTAR Sights N'Lights AK Combo

Is the Top Cover a Stable Platform?

Let's cut to the chase: Is it wobbly? Well, when the combo first showed up we were more than a bit skeptical ourselves. Our main concern upon seeing over a pound of gear mounted on top of an AK top cover was the stability of the scope platform. Knowing the AK top cover we worried that it would move around, making it impossible to zero the scope.

We guess NcSTAR also figured out that stability is paramount for a scope platform. In order to stabilize the (otherwise not very stable) top cover, NcSTAR added a "tab" to the front of the cover. This tab hooks into the rear sight and helps the front stability.

NcSTAR Sights n Lights AK Combo

Figure 2: The front tab had to be bent down a bit to improve its fit.
As you can see below, the rear of the NcSTAR Combo is stabilized by two adjustment screws, which are mounted on both sides of the top cover release button. These screws can be used to adjust the "fit" of the cover to your particular AK. As you can see, when you remove the scope/light you can use the rail for your other accessories, like this Barska Red Dot!

NcSTAR Sights n Lights AK Combo

Figure 3: Notice the two small adjustment screws at the back of the cover.
As with most AK projects Yazfla had to break out a file and a pair pliers to make it fit. He had to file the opening for the guide face tab at the bottom to make the top cover fit properly. He also had to bend down the metal tab that stabilizes the front of the new cover. Regarding the overall quality of the top cover itself, Yazfla had the following to say:"The Lights/Sight receiver cover is solid; much thicker metal than the original top cover."

While it took a little work to make it all fit, which should be nothing new for AK owners, Yazfla is satisfied with his purchase and recommends the Sights/Lights combo to other AK owners who are tactifying their AK within the constraints of a limited budget.

Pictures below show the end result of Yazfla's tactification project. The parts list of which reads like a TAPCO ad:).

Aftermarket Parts used for this Tactical AK project:
- NcSTAR Sights N'Lights AK Combo
- Barska Red Dot.
- Tapco Intrafuse AK Hand Guard, Quad Rail, Black
- Tapco Intrafuse T6 Rubber Butt Pad
- Tapco Intrafuse Vertical Grip Short
- Tapco Removable Bipod Compatib w Tapco Intrafuse Vertical Grip
- Tapco AK 47 T6 Collapsible Stock
- Tapco AK-47 30 round Mag, Black Polymer
- Tapco AK Slot Muzzle Break
- Tapco AK SAW Style Grip by Black
- NcSTAR 2 point Sling
Most if not all of these items are available in our AK Only store. Buy them there and support our site or buy elsewhere if you can find them anywhere cheaper!

NcSTAR Sights n Lights AK Combo

Figure 4: Admit it; that does not look too shabby!

NcSTAR Sights n Lights AK Combo

Figure 5: Final Pic of Yazfla's WASR-10 in Tactical Setup

Video from another WASR-10 owner who is doing a similar setup

As a bonus a video of another WASR-10 owner who mounted the same setup. The maker of this video also mentions he needed to file down the front of the cover a bit to make it fit.

Figure 6: Video of similar NcSTAR project.


2 comments posted
NcSTAR fit for the WASR-10, break out the file!

Sounds like all WASR-10 owners need to file down the front of the NcSTAR top cover in order to make it fit.

Posted by Chris on Tue, 04/16/2013 - 23:41
My NcSTAR is in the back of

My NcSTAR is in the back of my closet gathering dust, along with the other top cover scope mounts I've tried over the years. The front tabby thing didn't do a thing for me. Every time I cleaned the gun, I'd have to shoot up to 25 rounds just to get my scope back in zero. And I'm talking about a high-quality, expensive ultra compact 3-9x scope which has always delivered top-notch performance on the other guns I've had it mounted on.

Looking back, I can't understand why I bought the darned thing to begin with, especially given previous experience with top cover scope mounts I'd tried previously.

The thing I hate most about top cover mounts and scopes is that they prevent the use of the AK's open sights, which I like to use out to 75 yards. (I have modified my sights somewhat.)

I much prefer the side-rail scope mounting systems since they don't block the use of the open sights. And I prefer the mounts that use a tension locking system. You don't need tools to install or remove it. That being said, repeated removal and replacement will eventually cause the lever lock to lose tension, which decreases accuracy and requires some gentle gunsmithing in order to re-tighten it. As long as the locking lever is tight, the scope will return to a perfect zero every time it is remounted.

The side rail scope mounts that require Allen wrenches work well, too. I just don't like having to use tools to remove or re-install it.

All that being said, anyone who's purchased the NcSTAR system, more power to you!!! I hope it works for you and that you're all satisfied with it. It simply isn't my cup of tea.

Posted by allendavis on Wed, 01/22/2014 - 15:02