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Century Arms, USA Importer of the WASR Rifle
Kalinka POSP scope manufacturer Manuals and installation Guides
POSP scope manufacturer in Minsk, Belarus
Zeroing in the POSP Scope
Nice Illustrated Overview of the AK history.
List of All AK Parts With Illustrations
Article on Yugo vs. WASR Similarities and Differences
Illustrated List of Romanian AK's - Romanian AK site!
WASR-10 T-Shirts, Coffee Mugs and Other WASR Merchandise
SAIGA-12 T-Shirts, Coffee Mugs and Other Saiga Merchandise
For you WASR-2 (AK-74) owners; a very thorough guide of 5.45X39 magazines. This guy did his homework!
Nice Pimped Out WASR-10.
Determine which Rifles are California Legal with this CALGUNS flow chart
SKS Forum
Foreign Firearms Catalog 2007 - WASR List


How to make Bolt Hold Open (BHO) Mags yourself
An even simpler way to make your own BHO magazines
Tutorial on Dremel WASR-10 "single stack" to "double stack" conversion!
Whip out the Dremel and widen your WASR-10 single stack magazine well to accept standard double stock AK magazines
Great Tutorial on refinishing the AK.
Install ShepardsCrook Replacement plate.

Parts & Custom Parts Sources

Cool Aftermarket Ratchet Charging System & Custom Fire Selector Switch (Safety) by Dublin AK Systems
Colorado Gun Sales - Lots of Romanian AK parts.
Cope's - Lots of AK parts. Good prices
Krebs Custom Guns AK parts.
Tapco USA made (922r) custom AK parts!
Custom AK Furniture & Front Grip Rails - Ultimak.com
If you MUST:-)... AK Mini Dot mounts that hook into the rear sight block of your AK


Short Review on the WASR-10 - Huey's Gunsight
Short Review on the WASR-10 - Standbyliberty
Short Review on the WASR-2 (AK-74)
Review on Roman-Forums.com
Review on akfortyseven.worldpress.com
Review on TheTruthAboutGuns.com
NRA Publications (American Rifleman) Review
Gunner777.Worldpress.com Review

Short WASR-10 Review
GP WASR-10 UF (Under Folder) Foto Review

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