Photo Guide To Installing the Dublin AK Systems RCS

This short picture DIY will step you through assembling the Dublin AK Systems Ratchet Charging System (RCS). This is not a review - only a tutoral on how the RCS is installed. If you don't have an RCS yet, this article has very detailed photos to give you a good idea of how it works. If you were looking for our full length RCS Picture Review you will find that here.

Assembling the Dublin AK Systems RCS

As always, you are responsible for your own actions. Before you do anything, remove the magazine and open the action. Inspect your chamber visuallly and mechanically to make sure your AK is unloaded. Smarter people than you have had dangerous (and embarrassing) accidental discharges. Dumber people too.

Dublin AK Systems RCS Parts
Figure 1: Meet the RCS... Hey Baby, How You Doin'?
Step 1: Disassemble your RCS with the included allen wrench. You'll find it consists of four parts: The "Bottom Plate", the "Gas Piston Sleeve" the "Slide" and the "Top Plate". Finally, there are three "Socket Head Cap Screws" that hold all these fine parts together.

Dublin AK Systems 2nd Gen RCS Install - Stripped AK Front End
Figure 2: Put on some steamy music and strip your AK.
Step 2: Field Strip your AK: Remove the top cover and take out the return spring. Then, remove the bolt carrier. Finally, use the right hand side latch to unlock the gas tube and remove it.

Dublin AK Systems 2nd Gen RCS Install - Field Stripped AK with RCS Bottom Plate in place
Figure 3: Mounting the bottom plate is easier than finding a vegetarian at a PETA rally.
Step 3: Slide the Dublin AK Systems "bottom plate" over the gas cylinder and drop it in place. Then, close the gas tube latch to lock it down. This shouldn't take any real force.

Dublin AK Systems 2nd Gen RCS Install - Re-installing the Bolt Carrier
Figure 4: Hey, I don't belong here!.
Step 4: Reassemble the bolt and bolt carrier as you normally do when putting the rifle back together. The Gas piston will be visible on top of the "bottom plate".

Dublin AK Systems 2nd Gen RCS Install - Putting in the gas piston sleeve
Figure 5: Made for each other.
Step 5: Position the Dublin AK Systems "Gas Tube Sleeve" on the gas tube. The square metal block attached to the sleeve should point to the front and left side of the AK as shown above.

Dublin AK Systems 2nd Gen RCS Install - Installing the RCS Top Plate.
Figure 6: Slick!
Step 6: Set the "slide" (the part that contains your new "front charging handle") onto the rail. Make sure the square metal block attached to the "slide" is pointing to the front of the gun and it is positioned in front of the block attached to the "gas tube sleeve" as shown above.

Dublin AK Systems 2nd Gen RCS Install - installing the top cover.
Figure 7: Take Cover!
Step 7: Place the "top plate" over the "bottom plate". Make sure the "slide" is in both the top and the bottom plate's rails. Tighten the screws, but make sure not to over-do it or you might damage the thread. Use a drop of the supplied Loctite to lock them in place.

Dublin AK Systems 2nd Gen RCS Install - Finished Product
Figure 8: Helooo Baby! Where have you been all my life?
Rack the slide a few times with your regular charging handle. Now try your new charging handle. Doesn't that feel sweet?! You might want to wait a while before Dremeling off your original charging handle, but it's certainly an option!

Dublin AK Systems RCS Side View
Figure 9: Indecent Exposure
The side will look a lot more "open" than you are used to. This is normal. Notice that both top and bottom of the rail are open on the front and back to allow the slide to clean out any dirt and debris.


Figure 9: Installation Video

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