WASR-10 Reviews

There are a lot of good WASR-10 reviews on the web. We've tried to gather the best ones in one place. However our site is never "done". Let us know if we missed one worth mentioning. Please email us so we can add it to the site or link to it! You will also find some reviews for gear and accessories that we ran into while working with the WASR.

Inspecting an AK-47

Nc Star Sights N'Lights AK Combo Review

Slide Fire WASR-10 Review

California Legal Featureless AK-47 vs

Hyskore Dangerous Game Machine Rest Review

One of the best WASR-10 use reviews we found!

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NRA's American Rifleman's review of the WASR

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Krebs Custom Hammer Pin Retaining Plate

Another torture test! Poor, poor WASR!"

Tapco INTRAFUSE 30 Round Magazine Review

Video Reviews

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