WASR-10 Scope

Ever wondered what that weird contraption on the left hand side of your WASR receiver is all about?
WASR Scope Mount
Figure 1: This thing is not just to massage your back and rip your coat when the WASR is on the sling...

WASR Optics

Yes, we know, it scrapes you clothes and hurts your spine when you carry the rifle on it's sling, but the Romanians did not add this as an ergonomic feature :-). It is the Russian version of a quick release scope mount! Not all AKM's come with a scope mount plate.

Two things you can do with this plate (or actually 3, if you count just filing down the sharp edges, repainting and ignoring it):
1.) Mount a Scope rail, which will allow you attach any Tacti-Cool, Mall-Ninja, RedDot, laser flash light, Swiss army knife combination you want to it.
2.) Get a nice original Russian (or Eastern Bloc) PSO1 Scope. Or maybe a better priced POSP from Belarus (as seen in the pictures below). If you want to stay original get a Romanian made version; its called the TIP2.

POSP Scope Mounted
Figure 2:This is how the scope mounts to the Rifle. Notice that it leaves the iron sights usable!

POSP Scope Detail
Figure 3: POSP Scope Detail

POSP Scopes are not outrageously expensive, as far as scopes go, but compared to the price of the WASR-10 they are not cheap either...

Romanian PSO Scope Detail
Figure 4: Original Romanian PSO-1 Scope. A Scope like this will cost you about $120.

POSP Scope Review
Figure 5: Read the WASR-10.COM POSP 6X24 Scope Review.