WASR Versions

Even though this site is all about the WASR-10, we did want to make sure we mentioned the other WASR series rifles. Finding information on some of these guns is pretty hard, so if you have any info or photo's you'd like to share please let us know at info@wasr-10.com.

Introduction to the WASR Series

The WASR Family consists out of more than just the classic WASR-10. Come on in and meet the WASR Family! If you want more information about a particular variant, just click on the model that tickles your fancy...
GP WASR-10/63
Figure 1: El Classico. The GP WASR-10/63; at your service.


WASR-22 - Caliber: .22LR. Starter or Trainer AK


WASR-2 - Caliber: 5.45x39mm AK-74


WASR-3 - Caliber: .223 Remington. NATO Export Version


GP WASR-10 - Caliber: 7.62X39. Post Ban AKM
GP WASR-10/63 - Caliber: 7.62X39 Updated Front Trunnion
GP WASR-10/63 Under Folder
GP WASR-10/63 Collapsible Stock
GP WASR-10/63 Dragunov Stock
GP WASR-10/63 Side Folding Stock
GP WASR-10/63 Limited Edition

WASR Components

Like other AKM models, all rifles in the WASR series are made with stamped receivers. WASR's were originally designed to take single-stack magazines. They feature chrome-lined barrels and are sold with wooden, side or under folding stocks. WASR's also come with a side-mount scope rail.

WASR's are imported to the US by Century Arms. Upon importing the rifles century arms mills out the original single stack magazine well to make the rifle take standard (double stack) AK magazines. In order to make the rifle compliant with US section 922r they replace 10 original parts with US manufactured parts. The most noticeable US made part is the plastic pistol grip. Other US parts include the gas piston and the fire control group, which is replaced by a Tapco Trigger group.

Owners that bought a WASR prior to 2007 might notice some triggers slap as the original trigger group had a 'heel' that stuck out far enough to be hit by the bolt. All current WASR rifles have a newer Tapco trigger group that eliminates this problem. Other problems that used to be commonly reported are canted front sight blocks and gas tubes. This problem seems to be occurring less in the current "generation" of WASR's like the GP WASR-10/63.

WASR's are not "boutique AK's". The finish is pretty rough, but most owners indicate that they are very reliable rifles that shoot about as accurate as you might expect from an AK.

Field Stripped WASR-10
Figure 2: Stripped GP WASR-10/63