Site Rules *READ FIRST*

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Posted: Fri, 08/23/2013 - 20:39

*Please Read the Below Before Participating on our forums.* As a registered member you have the "privilege" to comment on articles and to write in our Forums. As a small volunteer web-site we don’t have time to monitor/moderate the forums and comments daily. Please help us out by reading the below rules and adhering to their intent. We hope you’ll find these rules commonsensical or at least understandable.

Own Responsibility:

You and you alone are responsible for your own actions, both on our website and in “real life”. WASR-10.COM cannot and will not be held responsible for anything you decide to do based on our site’s content (articles video’s etc.) or other content we or our users link to.

It is your own responsibility to know how to safely and legally handle, transport, shoot and maintain your firearms. We strongly encourage responsible gun ownership, compliance with all applicable laws and safe gun handling practices. If you are looking for more information on how to do that you can start here.

You are also personally responsible for what you write on our forums and in our comments. You are not allowed to encourage “illegal intent”. This includes hypothetical scenarios like “*if* it where legal how would I convert my WASR-10 to Full Auto?”... Any posts that we feel encourage illegal intent will be removed and the account disabled.

The same goes for making statements that can be construed by others as threatening. Remember, not everyone shares your sense of humor (or has any for that matter).

Final thought on this; unless you have been off planet for a while you will know by now that Internet & Phone Privacy is dead as far as the “gov’ment” is concerned, so being banned from our (admittedly awesome) website might be the least of your worries if you disregard the above rules…


We gun owners are a diverse often colorful and outspoken group. Therefore we won’t ask you to agree with everything we, or others, write on our site. However as a guest on our site we ask that you, while giving your own opinions, respect the opinions of others. If what started out as a healthy discussion does go south, please take the high road.

And while this is not, respect for others does include that you be polite and somewhat mind your language. No rudeness. Any member who is intentionally unpleasant or disruptive may be banned without warning.

This happens to be an English language website. In order to make sure that everyone can follow everything that is being said, all publicly displayed messages are limited to the English language. This includes posts, titles, signatures, and any attachments or other forms of public display.

Commercial Interests:

Because unlike the inventors of the AK-47, we are not communists, we have created a special Forum for "Commercial Interests". To keep the rest of the site and forums a pleasant place to be, the Commercial Forum is the only place where you can post relevant commercial interests, in a limited way. Advertising is not allowed in other forums, comments, or sign offs. If you SPAM us or our members in any manner, your account will be disabled.

As you now know we ourselves are not communists. Therefore we don't ask for handouts to help support this site. We do believe in free enterprise so, as you might have noticed, we are part of an affiliate program. While this does mean we have ad's and links on our site, we try hard to keep the ad's and links we choose on topic (AK).
We get a small percentage of anything you buy through the ad's on this site. While this does not come close to covering the materials and time we put in this site, it does help pay for things. So if you happen to see anything you like, by all means click and buy!

Final Word:

We don't intend to censor messages based on the opinions expressed within posts, but we will enforce the policies outlined both here and on the Forum. As your host we reserve the right to remove, modify or move your posts at our discretion and without explanation. Suspension of your account is a definite consequence of not adhering to these rules.

Feel free to contact us ( if you do not understand the intent of our rules or have any other questions regarding member participation on this site!