Tapco INTRAFUSE 30 round mag Review

Tapco INTRAFUSE 30 Round AK magazine offers a lightweight and low cost alternative to the standard steel AK magazine. As you might have noticed, we at WASR-10.COM have been Tapco fans since, since... Well, since we sawed up that Tapco 10 round magazine we guess. Because we liked the ten rounder we decided to do a review on its big brother, the 30 round magazine as well.

Anatomy of the INTRAFUSE AK Magazine

We caught and dissected a typical specimen and found that, not surprising, it consisted out of pretty much the same five parts that you'll find in just about every modern magazine. Namely: a "Body", a "Follower", a "Spring", a "Floor Plate Lock" and a "Floor Plate".

Since Tapco magazines are made in the USA (The American Parts COmpany, duh...), the "body", "floor plate" and "follower" all count as 922r compliant parts.
Tapco INTRAFUSE 30 Round Magazine Review
Figure 1: Surprise! "Body", "Follower", "Floor Plate Lock", "Floor Plate" and "Spring".
It was also no surprise that the magazine body was construed out of the same sturdy re-enforced composite material as the Intrafuse 10rd AK-47 Magazine that we reviewed earlier. What was surprising however was that the thirty round version uses a metal floor plate, where the ten rounder uses a composite one. We actually liked the feel of the composite floor plate better, but we are sure Tapco had their reasons to go for the metal plate. Maybe, and we are just guessing here, the composite version is not sturdy enough to survive a fall with the heavier load of 30 rounds instead of 10 smashing it into the concrete?
Talking about weight; weighing in at about 200 grams, this composite magazine is a full 1/3 lighter than its standard steel ribbed counterpart which weighs over 300 grams!

The "floor plate lock" is the other notable difference with the ten rounder. It has a spike to guide the spring on and it actually latches on to the spring. This is nice because it helps keep the parts together when you take the mag apart. The floor plate lock and floor plate from the ten rounder are not interchangeable with the 30 round version mainly because the thirty round magazine has a wider body than the ten round edition. The follower however, looks to be identical to the one used in the 10 round magazine.

Although we liked the composite floor plate on the 10 rounder better than the metal one used on these 30 round magazines, both are easy to (dis)assemble and all parts feel very sturdy and well made.

Downsizing or "Right Sizing"?)

Our project WASR-10 has a very tight magazine latch, which causes the notch on the back of the magazine to fit very tight between the mag latch and the bottom of the receiver. In this case it was so tight, we could not even get the latch to close until after we trimmed the magazine notch down a little.
Tapco INTRAFUSE 30 Round Magazine Review
Figure 2: Filing down the top of the notch did the trick.
We used a metal file to shave a bit of composite material off of the top of the latch. After we did this we had no problem seating or releasing the magazine.

Honorable Mention: This magazine fit our WASR-10 tight. Tight as in good. There was none of the usual lateral wobble, that we always get with steel magazines. And unlike the ten round INTRAFUSE magazine, we did not have to sand the sides to make it fit the magazine well either.


The magazine fits exactly 30 rounds (surprise) and for some reason it is easier to load than it's standard steel counterpart. Why? Beats us. But we'll take it. The spring is strong and the magazine feeds well, we did not have any FTL's or other problems.
Tapco INTRAFUSE 30 Round Magazine Review
Figure 3: Easy to load, disassemble and clean, the perfect gift for any occasion:-).
We did not conduct any long term torture type studies but based on what we have seen so far we are pretty convinced that the quality of this magazine makes it very durable. We are even more convinced that the body of the mag will never ever rust :-). Tapco is pretty certain of these things as well and that is why they back it up with their lifetime guarantee.


As opposed to the steel AK mags, which look best with the classic "AK Wood Furniture", this magazine looks best in combination with Tactical furniture. Tactical furniture like the Tapco INTRAFUSE kit we put on our project WASR-10. When we started the tactification project we decided on with the black furniture because we figured "black goes well with everything". However, but if you chose to go with "Olive Drab", or "Dark Earth" furniture, you can get magazines which match those exact colors. Which actually looks really sweet.

As we said, our WASR-10 has INTRAFUSE AK furniture and the lines on the magazine match the lines on the grips and hand guard. The combination definitely gives the rifle a whole different look. But don't take our word for it...
Tapco INTRAFUSE 30 Round Magazine Review
Figure 4: And handsome too...

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