Tapco INTRAFUSE T6 Collapsible Stock Installation

To help us out with our "WASR-10 Tactification Project" our friends at TAPCO USA sent us a Tapco Intrafuse AK T6 AK Stock. This tutorial details its installation on the WASR-10 AK-47.


Meet the Tapco Intrafuse AK T6 Stock for Milled Receivers Unfortunately the matching T6 Rubber Butt Pad
is not included. As you can see the rear looks a bit bare without it, so when you decide to pick up a T6 Stock, we recommend you just "bite the bullet" and add a T6 Rubber Butt Pad
to your order.
Tapco T6 Stock for Stamped Receiver
Figure 1: Meet the Black TAPCO Intrafuse T6 Collapsible Stock.

Removing the Old Stock

As always, before doing any work on your AK, remove your magazine and make sure both visually and tactically that the rifle is unloaded. Don't be "That Guy"...

Then, field strip your AK as if you were going to clean it and remove your old buttstock. You will probably find that this part of the project, which requires a rare combination of patience and brute force, is the hardest part of the whole procedure.

Removing the WASR-10 Buttstock

Figure 2: Removing the stock looks easy enough right? Wrong! :-)
If you also bought a nice SAW Style Pistol Grip
(and we hope you did because it is so much nicer than the original), this would be a good time (old stock off, new stock not on yet) to mount it.

Making it Fit

As we've mentioned before, not all AK's are created equal. AK manufacturing tolerances are loose and measurements vary from one model to the next. So be prepared to do some mild tweaking to make this generic AK stock fit your weapon. We mainly used a sharp chisel. To install this stock you'll need a drill (the drill-bit is included) and sanding paper might come in handy as well. When removing material; don't rush it. You don't want to take too much off and be left with a wobbly stock.

After you have removed your old stock try to fit the new one into the back of the receiver. If it almost fits you can either carefully take off some material from the sides until it slides in or apply force and cram it in, which will remove excess material from the sides as well. Guess which option we chose?:-)

After forcing the stock into the receiver, we found that the "lip" on the back of our receiver angled down so far that we could not get the stock in straight. To remedy this we used a slim chisel to remove some of the composite material (which is really easy to work on). Gradually removing more material allowed us to create a deeper indent for the lip to rest in.
Tapco T6 Stock Installation
Figure 3: Deepening the indent for the lip on the back of the receiver.
Your goal is to make the gap between the receiver and the broader part of the stock parallel or nonexistent. Remove as much material as necessary to achieve that goal. Don't take off too much, as the stock does not have much contact surface to begin with.
Tapco T6 Stock Installation
Figure 4: You'll want the gap between the receiver and the stock to be parallel or gone.
Once you are satisfied with the remaining gap, it is time to use the drill bit (supplied) to drill two pilot holes for the short screws (also supplied). Drill the holes while the stock is in the receiver, so you know everything is in the right place.
Tapco T6 Stock Installation
Figure 5: Insert stock and then drill the holes.
Consolidate your gains by manually screwing in the two short Phillips screws. You may want to use a lubricant to make them go in a little smoother. Do not over tighten, the last thing you want to do is ruin the hole.

We're now almost there - let's mount the sling attachment. If you ever plan on using the WASR-10 side rail you want to put the eye on the right hand side. If you mount it on the left that will place it in the path of any rail attachments you might mount.
Tapco T6 Stock Installation
Figure 5: Final Touch: Mounting the sling attachment.

The sling attachment is screwed on with the longer screw which is also included. What is not included is the Tactical Sling
that goes with the stock.

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