The AK-74 WASR

Yoohoo? 12 Cents per round, anyone?
The WASR-2 is an AK that is chambered for the lighter and faster 5.45x39mm AK-74 round. This caliber was the Soviet answer to the Western .223 round. AK's that shoot this caliber are called AK-74's. The big advantage of the WASR-2 / AK-74 is the cheap ammo you can feed it. Another advantage of the 5.45X39 round is the recoil which is lower than the WASR-10. Every WASR series has it's lemons but in general, there do not seem to be a lot of of feeding or jamming issues with the WASR-2. The reliability of the WASR-2 is probably around the same level as the WASR-10; which is good.

Legality in Connecticut
If you live in Connecticut there is a second reason to buy the WASR-2. Owning a WASR-2 in Connecticut is not necessarily a felony, which unfortunately is the case with the WASR-10. For some weird reason the Connecticut Assault Weapon Ban prohibits the 7.62x39 caliber but allows the 5.45X39 provided it does not possess certain "Evil Features" which would qualify it as an assault weapon. Don't you feel safer already?
2x WASR-2
Figure 1: Two WASR-2's. The top one is dressed up in some AK-74 looking furniture, the bottom one features the standard WASR AKM look. Neither features the signature AK-74 Flash Hider.

Not Groovy?
The Century Arms WASR-2 might be chambered in the AK-74 caliber, but (unfortunately) its styling is not the classic AK-74 style :-(. The AK-74 was developed in the early 70's (hence 74, how clever...) and although (apart from the caliber) it's mechanically practically identical to the AKM, a "classic" AK-74 has two very distinct features. 1.) a very prominent "flash hider / compensator" and 2.) a so called "Finger Groove" in the stock. The WASR-2 in Figure 1 is outfitted with furniture that features the groove, but lacks the classic AK-74 flash hider. Figure 2 below shows a regular AK-74 with the typical groove and flash hider. It also proves that in Russia you do not join the Marines because of the cool uniforms...:-)
Soviet Naval Infantry AK-74
Figure 2: This AK-74 wielding Soviet Marine does not look too happy in his his Donald Duck outfit...