The AK-101 WASR

Like the AK-101 the WASR-3 is chambered for the 5.46X45 NATO round. It was manufactured after a prototype NATO caliber WASR in order to commercially export it to the the West. The WASR-3 was never been adopted by any military. The advantage of the WASR-3 is that it takes the same .223 ammo that you already use for your AR. However this ammo is more expensive than 7.62X39 or 5.45X37 the WASR-10 / WASR-2 use.

WASR = What A Sh*tty Rifle?

We could not find any full length reviews on the WASR-3. What we did find was lots and LOTS of complaints. Most users complain about the WASR-3 failing to feed especially with the cheaper brands of ammo (wolf etc.). High quality magazines (Weiger etc.) and quality ammo seemed to offer some relief. Some web sites recommend replacing the magazine latch if it was filed down too much. Based on what info we could find on this rifle we would flat out not recommend you get one. Do you have a different experience? Or did you make or find a good review on the WASR-3? Please let us know! info@wasr-10.com.

WASR-3 New In Box
Figure 1: WASR-3. Not too exiting, this WASR-3 does not have a threaded barrel or the black furniture finish it is sometimes sold with...

WASR-3 Characteristics
Figure 2: WASR-3 compared to the font end of a WASR-10. Anyone notice anything? The "90 degree" gas block (instead of the 45 gas block found on the WASR-10) is a distinguishing characteristic of the WASR-3.

Funny Footnote: In the 2006 James Bond Movie "Casino Royale" the embassy guards in Madagascar seem to be armed with WASR-3's...

Some Video Reviews on the WASR-3

Maybe its not all bad? Below you'll find some video reviews by WASR-3 owners.