Bore Sight

The Bore-sight

Are Bore Sights any good? - My Experiences with (a cheap) one.

The bore-sight is a miniature laser that has the same dimensions as a round. In our case, the 7.62X39mm round. There is a wide assortment available online. Being a cheap AK owner, I found one for under $20 bucks.

After it arrived, I found the place in the house with the longest line of sight and inserted the batteries and got to work. Chambering the round was not too hard. Then I used the C-Clamp Tool to adjust the front sight to aim at the red dot. Took me about 5 minutes. Then I pried the bore sight out and chambered it again to make sure it had been aligned straight. This gave me a different dot/sight picture. I adjusted the sight again. By the time i was done with that the battery (which was a plastic wrapped stack of tiny hearing aid batteries) had gone dead. The next Saturday I went to the range and sighted the gun in the old fashioned way. To my surprise, it did not need much additional adjustment.

Not exactly the best 20 bucks I ever spent. Maybe you'll have more luck, perhaps with a higher quality product? Let us know. (Comments)

THE Tool
Figure 1: This is what a bore-sight looks like