Removing the WASR-10 Stock

This DIY tutorial describes how to remove the stock on the WASR-10. Taking off the WASR-10 stock does not require any real skill. However, it does require the willingness to use some serious force. Some people might not be comfortable with that. We suggest those people buy an AR-15 or some LEGOs. All kidding aside, if you are not willing to really get down to business leave the stock where it is.
You are still reading, so you must be dead set on removing your WASR-10 stock. We're sure you have your reasons. We are also sure you checked your states laws on the legality of your endeavors. Some states, like California have pretty rigid laws on this subject.
WASR-10 With Removed Stock

Removing the WASR-10 buttstock - Easy Part

Use the button end of the return spring to remove the top cover plate. Then remove the return spring and bolt carrier. Un-cock the hammer. If your safety selector switch is not very tight wrap some painters tape around the gun to keep it in place. If your safety / fire selector switch falls out you add some serious time to this project. Use a flat-head screwdriver to take out the two vertical screws that are screwed into stock at the back end of the receiver. Also unscrew and remove the sling loop on the back of the stock so you don't damage it later. We chose to detach the pistol grip as well but this is not necessary. Easy enough so far, right?

Removing the WASR-10 buttstock - My Stock is Stuck!

By now you found out out that even without the screws the buttstock is stuck. This is normal. It is caused by two things: First, the wood fits in the receiver very tight and years of moisture and gun oil have expanded the wood causing an exceptionally snug fit. The other and main reason is that the lip on the back of the receiver is angled down (Figure 3). This "locks" the stock in place. Resist the urge to try and pry it loose by sticking a flat-head screwdriver between the stock and the receiver. This does not work and you will only damage the wood and/or receiver. That is a promise.

Removing the WASR-10 buttstock - Get Rough

Make sure you have removed the sling loop to prevent damage. Now cover a solid object like your workbench, garage floor, or in our case a vise with several layers of padding to prevent damage to the stock (we used old towels). Then bang the last inch or two of the buttstock on the padding, turn the gun over. Repeat. Also bang the sides of the end of the stock in the same way. The purpose of this step is to loosen up the receiver/stock connection enough for the next step. You know you're done when you can see the stock has moved a bit. It took us several minutes of hard banging to get this done.

Next use your padding to pad the vise. clamp it down on the stock really tight. Now grab the receiver and move it left to right while continually pulling it. This way you can "walk" it out. Again, this requires force. Use common sense and take your time. The main thing is that you don't damage anything. It took us about 30 minutes to get it out.

Stock loosened up by banging it
Figure 1: You can tell the stock is "loose" after it was banged on a hard (padded) surface for a while.

Move the clamped down stock from left to right while pulling. Hard
Figure 2: Clamp the stock down in a padded vise. Then keep moving it from left to right while pulling. Hard.

Done! Notice how the
Figure 3: Done! Notice how the "lip" is angled down to keep the stock in place.


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Putting it back together

Great DIY on removal, guys! I can only assume it's similarly difficult to reassemble. Any tips on getting it back together?

Posted by kmwhited on Wed, 05/06/2015 - 18:20