***How to Show My Picture instead of just attaching it?***

  • Chris
Posted: Wed, 07/23/2014 - 23:24

The Forum engine we use here at WASR-10.COM is not very advanced. As the forum matures we might be able to afford to fix that. Until then, here is how you upload and display an image.

1.) You can only upload pictures for new posts, not for comments to existing posts :(

2.) Make sure your "Input Format is set to Full HTML"

3.) New posts have a section called "File Attachment" which will show you where your upload ends up. Copy that location. For example "http://wasr-10.com/sites/default/files/Gold-AK.jpg" to your clipboard.

4.) Then use this html string in the body of the text. Put a "<" before the whole string and a ">" after the whole string.

img src="http://wasr-10.com/sites/default/files/Gold-AK.jpg" alt="Pic Description" Width="500"

a ~ Start with "<" end with ">"

b ~ The part that says "gold-AK.jpg" is where your file name goes. UPPER and lower case matters, extensions etc matter, so the best thing to do is to copy paste what the uploader tells you the file name and location are.

c ~ Put a brief description of the pic instead of the word "Description".

d ~ 500 is a good width that works with the site, but vary it if you want to.

e ~ Use the Preview button to see if it works.

Let me (chris@wasr-10.com) know if you run into issues.
This link explains it better than I can: http://www.w3schools.com/tags/tag_img.asp

If you do it right, it looks like this:

Pic Description