Chinese Zombie Paratroopers

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Posted: Tue, 03/14/2017 - 19:40

This is my work in progress, The first pic is most recent with few extras for the CZP. The second pic is My WASR the day I bought it couple yrs ago. I love it, don't get to shoot as much as I'd like, but it's a fun one to shoot. I was hitting 3" circle at about 75-100 yds out of the box. I'm considering the POSP sighting, but no complaints about the rail mounted dust cover, I can use iron sights if desired. I have Epilepsy, which causes a lot of problems, son of Vietnam vet, so I know a little about guns I emphasize a little. I have always wanted a Kalish, but finding one in my price range in my area isn't easy. I hadn't heard of all the different versions of the AK there are. When I started researching my purchase I thought maybe I'd made a mistake until shooting it. I'm in process of setting up a shop and going to try my hand at coating. I was thinking about just using Duracoat, but think I'm going to go with the Ceracoat, I've heard it holds up better. For now it's just high heat flat black spray paint. I learned quite a bit and glad I tried spray painting it before any coating like I had planned, painted the bolt lol not good. I need to get the Kreb's safety lever, stronger recoil spring and buffer, and good looking muzzle brake, also going to refinish the wood to a nice dark red like mahogany or something, don't like glossy finishes they're pretty, but pretty won't kill CZP. I'm a night owl, don't want a glossy finish giving my pos. away. It's a ATI 6 pos collapsible stock and forend, I want a pistol grip with the storage in it, but this one is really nice feeling so may keep it. Haven't had a chance to sight my red/green dot sight or laser sight. Paramedics tend to freak out a bit when they get called due to seizure and it's laying on the bed next to me, yeah I sleep with my WASR, if you knew me you'd understand. lol Thank you for this awesome site, I have learnt so much from it! Really great job y'all!



Sorry, my pics attached not shown

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  • 02/17/16
  • Tue, 03/14/2017 - 19:49

I tried showing pics, but they are attached. Sorry, not real up on technology. Thanks again!