AK-47 Parts Breakdown

The WASR-10 AK-47 consists of around 70 parts. (depending on how you count them). Below we tried to sum them all up. The purpose of this article is to provide an accurate Bill Of Materials for the GP WASR-10/63 parts and to use that list to link to all the articles we wrote on these parts over the years.

Anatomy of the WASR-10/63 or: AK-47 Parts List

Most of these parts you would never take apart yourself because they; are riveted, require a press to disassemble or because you would probably not get them back together again:). And mostly, because it would not make any sense to ever want to disassemble them. If you were however to build an AK from scratch, these are the components that you would need. In order to give the AK parts list some structure we needed to break it up in a sometimes arbitrary way.

AK Furniture and "Built-in" tools

This category covers the Hand Guard, Gas Tube Cover, Pistol Grip, Stock and Cleaning Kit.

AK Cleaning Kit / Tool Kit

The "built in" AK Cleaning/Tool Kit consists of the cleaning rod under the barrel and the metal tube containing the tolls that is stowed away behind the Buttplate Gate in your Stock.
- Cleaning Rod Pull the front part of the rod away from the barrel, then pull it forward to remove it from under the barrel.

Cleaning Kit:

- Kit Tube
- Kit Tube Cap
- Kit Combo Tool Use the holes in the tube as a handle and this becomes a screwdriver/Front Sight Elevation adjustment tool.
- Kit Brush Mounts on Cleaning Rod to clean the barrel.
- Kit Jag Mounts on Cleaning Rod. Use to run oily rags through the barrel.
- Kit Pin Punch Used to knock out pins. Some sets have two different size pins.

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AK Fixed Stock Components

The GP WASR-10/63 has a fixed (wooden) stock (the 65 has the folding stock). The fixed stock consists out of these components:
- Buttstock
- Buttplate
- Buttplate Gate
- Buttplate Gate Base
- Buttplate Spring
- Buttplate screws (2)
- Sling Mount Plate
- Sling Mount
- Sling Mount Screw (2X)

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AK Pistol Grip Parts

- Pistol Grip
- Pistol Grip Bolt/Screw (The long screw that holds the grip in place)
- Pistol Grip Nut
The original WASR-10 pistol grip is held in place with a long screw that hooks into a specially formed nut/mount that is not fixed to the receiver. Some other AK's have this a mount riveted in with 3 rivets). After market grips often use a shorter screw which allows room for storage in the pistol grip.

AK Fore End Parts

- Lower Handguard
- Lower Handguard Front Retainer
- Lower Handguard Insert
- Lower Handguard Front Retainer Lever
- Lower Handguard Rear Retainer
- Lower Tang
- Lower Tang Screws (2)
- Upper hand guard assembly
- Upper Hand Guard Retaining lever
- Upper Tang Screw
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AK Barrel & Gas System

- Barrel
- Barrel Pin
- Gas Block (Gas Cylinder)
- Gas Port Tube
- Gas Port Tube Retaining Pin
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AK Bolt Carrier Group

- Bolt
- Bolt Carrier
- Extractor
- Extractor Retaining Pin
- Extractor Spring
- Firing Pin
- Firing Pin Retainer Pin
- Gas-Piston Rod
- Gas Piston Rod Pin

Return Spring (or Recoil Spring)

- Recoil Guide Rod
- Recoil Guide Rod Housing
- Recoil Spring Retainer
- Recoil Spring

Rear Sight Parts

- Rear Sight Housing Base
- Rear Sight Housing Elevator Bar
- Rear Sight Housing Pin
- Rear Sight Tang
- Rear Sight Tang Spring
- Elevation-Bar Plunger
- Elevation - Bar Spring

Front Sight Parts

- Front Sight Base
- Front Sight Base Retaining Pins (2)
- Front Sight Elevation Pin
- Front Sight Windage Drum

Fire Control Group and Fire Selector (Safety)

- Hammer
- Hammer Pin
- Hammer Spring
- Primary Sear
- Primary Sear Pin
- Primary Sear Spring
- Safety/Selector
- Secondary Sear
- Secondary Sear Spring
- Selector Stop Pin
- Swivel, Front
- Swivel Rear
- Swivel Retainer
- Trigger
- trigger pin

Magazine Latch Assembly

- Magazine Latch
- Magazine Latch Pin
- Magazine Lower Latch Spring

Muzzle Break Assembly

- Muzzle-Brake
- Muzzle-Brake Plunger
- Muzzle-Brake Spring

Receiver & Components

- Receiver
- Receiver Cover
- Center Support
- Center Support Rivet
- Left Side Rail
- Right Side Rail (contains Ejector notch)

- Front Trunnion
- Rear Trunnion
- Scope Rail
- Scope Rail Rivets (2X: 3rd Rivet is shared with the rear trunnion)

Trigger Guard Parts

- Trigger Guard
- Trigger Guard Rivets (4) Front
- Trigger Guard Rivet, Rear


While not really part of the gun itself we did want to point out the basic accessories.


While we are not sure if we'd want to count the magazine as a part of the AK, we did want to break down the AK magazine components as well.
- Magazine Body
- Magazine Floor Plate
- Magazine Floor Plate Lock
- Magazine Sprint
- Magazine Follower


A rifle should have a sling to be practical.
- Sling

Common WASR-10 Goodies

These "goodies" are often included when you purchase a WASR, so we did want to include them in our list:
- Bayonet
- Bayonet Sheath (combined with the Bayonet this makes a wire cutter)
- Romanian Mag Pouch
- AK-47 Oiler (often metal)
Not included when you buy an AK, but a *Must Have* for every AK / SKS owner:
- Front Sight Adjustment Tool