Why Should I Buy a WASR-10?

In some states you can buy the WASR-10 for under $300! 7.62X39 Ammo is relatively cheap too as far as that goes for assault rifle ammo. This article claims to have found rifles for sale under $200!

The WASR-10 makes me think that everything 'they' say about the reliability of the AK platform is probably close to true. This article has a very impressive "WASR-10 Torture Test" component: http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/79010/firearm_review_romanian_a...

Classic AK Look
If you want a TactiCool rifle, go 'pimp' your AR-15.

The charm of the WASR-10 lies in its rugged old school hardcore looking character, which is enhanced by its wooden furniture , tool marks on the metal and rough finish. It looks and feels like a "real" AK, not at all like the single stack "Sports Rifle" it once was. behold its ruggedness here:

The rifle has a scope side mount in case you want to try some nice original retro soviet optics! http://www.opticsbestbuy.com/POSP-6x42-Russian-Scope.html
It also is equipped with a bayonet lug.

Cool Merchandize Available on www.wasr-10.com or www.zazzle.com/revolutionessentials*/wasr. Shirts, hoodies, coffee mugs you name it.